While nails enhance the beauty of hands, being careless also has a bad effect on health. Pink clean nails attract everyone. Crooked nails, enlarged crooked nails not only look dirty but are also home to diseases. Proper care of nails also shows the humility of a person.

You can also keep yourself healthy by taking proper care of nails:-

If you are fond of having long nails, then always keep them cut in the right shape and do not allow dirt to accumulate in them. If your nails are not long then keep cutting them at intervals of 4-5 days so that dirt does not accumulate in them.

Do not pull off the dead skin around the nail, as this can lead to infection and increase swelling and pain. In such a situation, soak your hands by mixing a little shampoo in lukewarm water. This will soften the dead skin. Gently pull it apart.

Dirty nails increase the risk of infection. Whatever you eat, along with the food, the dirt goes into your stomach, which can lead to stomach upset and stomach worms, so always keep your nails clean.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap before eating food and before preparing food. If for some reason you are not able to wash your hands, then eat food with the help of a spoon. Nails should never be cut with the mouth. Due to this the dirt of the nails goes inside the mouth and gives rise to many diseases.

Vitamin B12 and calcium should be consumed more in case of early breakage of nails. For calcium, consume milk-curd and milk products.

If you have any troublesome fungal infection, then definitely see a doctor.

To maintain the shine of the nails, clean the nails by rubbing them with lemon peel and massage them lightly with a good cream.

Get a ‘manicure’ done once a month or do it yourself at home. This gives new strength to the nails and also increases the age of the nails. Protect your nails by using very hot water. This causes the nails to break quickly. The most important thing is to take special care of nutritious diet.