Untitled-75Jaggery is a treasure of health as well as taste. Consuming it not only does not change the taste of the mouth, but it can also get freedom from many diseases. Many of us must have seen elders in our house that after having lunch or dinner, they used to drink water after putting a piece of jaggery in their mouth. Along with this, he used to always advise us to eat jaggery too. This is because jaggery has many health benefits.


Eating it regularly provides relief in menstrual pain, knee pain and asthma. On the day when you are very tired, consume jaggery with water on that day and then see how it benefits you. Similarly, consuming jaggery with milk gives great benefits.

Benefits of drinking jaggery mixed with milk

1. Purify the blood- Jaggery purifies the blood very well. Include it in your diet daily.

2. Keep the stomach right- All the problems related to digestion can be overcome by eating jaggery.

4. Removes joint pain- Eating jaggery provides relief in joint pain. If a small piece of jaggery is eaten daily mixed with ginger, then the joints will get stronger and the pain will go away.

4. Enhances beauty- By eating it, the skin becomes soft and healthy. Hair also becomes fine. Along with this, acne and acne are also cured.

5. Relief from pain of periods- If there is pain in periods, then women must consume it. Take 1 teaspoon of jaggery daily for 1 week before the period starts.

6. There is no anemia in pregnancy- Pregnant women are advised to eat jaggery daily, so that they do not have anemia. women with anemia

7. For strength of muscles- Drink a little jaggery in a glass every day, it will be beneficial.

8. To remove fatigue, eat 3 spoons of jaggery thrice a day.

9. For Asthma- If you have a problem of asthma, then make laddus of jaggery and black sesame at home and eat after that a glass of warm milk.

10. Obesity does not increase- If jaggery is put in place of sugar in milk or tea, then obesity does not increase because the consumption of sugar can make you fat.