joint-pain-16425690173x2New Delhi: In today’s hectic life, people do not even have time to take care of their health, which leads to many diseases. There are also some serious diseases in which there are no symptoms at first and then it becomes very difficult to control them. One of these is bone cancer. Bone cancer can occur in any part of the body. But in most cases it is found in the long bones of the pelvis, arms and legs. Bone cancer is extremely rare and symptoms appear in only 1 percent of people.

Till dateAccording to the report, the most common symptom of bone cancer is bone pain. Over time, the pain gets worse. But many times people do not pay much attention to this bone pain. Some people misunderstand the pain of bone cancer as arthritis or work stress.

types of bone cancer

– in chondrosarcoma

– Ewing Sarcoma

– osteosarcoma

symptoms of bone cancer

-pain in bones

– Swelling around the affected area

– Weak bones and break more easily

– sudden weight loss

– Tiredness

When does the pain of bone cancer start?

The pain of bone cancer is always there. But some hard work, which involves a lot of physical exertion, can make the problem worse. Difficult exercise and lifting heavy weights can make the pain worse. As bone cancer progresses, the pain can get worse even with rest.

Other symptoms of bone cancer

– heat

– excessive sweating

– redness and swelling

– lumps on or around the bone

when to go to the doctor

When you are experiencing bone and joint pain for more than a week without any reason, you should see a doctor and get tested.