mango-1648476613x2Mumbai: Summer has now reached its peak and the arrival of mangoes has started in the market. Mango is not only tasty but also beneficial for health. According to WebMD, mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are essential for keeping your body healthy. Mango is effective in treating blood clots and anemia. Not only this, it also helps in making the bones strong in our body. Vitamin C present in mango is also beneficial for blood vessels and collagen. Due to which it becomes easy to cure various problems of the body as soon as possible. Let us find out what are the other health benefits of eating mangoes in summer.

benefits of eating mango in summer

heart problems

The cardiovascular system works better by eating mangoes. The magnesium and potassium present in it improve blood pressure and help in keeping the pulse rate normal, thereby reducing heart problems.

good digestion

Mango is rich in fiber, so it aids in digestion and helps cleanse the intestines. This removes the problem of constipation and improves digestion.


Mango is a fruit with low GI score, so it is not considered harmful for diabetics. It does not affect the blood sugar level and gives energy to the body.

to lose weight

Mango is also considered beneficial for weight loss, because eating mango does not increase fat and it is cholesterol free. Mango is rich in soluble fiber. The longer your stomach is full, the less you eat.


Mangoes contain nutrients like potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Which help in improving blood pressure. Magnesium present in mango is also beneficial in problems related to thyroid.

skin problems

Vitamin A present in mango is very beneficial for the skin. It has lots of anti-acne and anti-aging properties. Vitamin C helps in the growth of collagen and keeps skin and hair healthy.