Chakka is the favorite fruit of Kerala. There are countless dishes in Kerala that taste like green chukkas and cooked chukkas. Cayman is not only good for different flavors of chukka. Chewing gum is beneficial for health in many ways. Chakka is a magical dish for those following a proper diet. The benefits of chukka are many. To say or know is endless.




From heart disease to colon cancer

* Beneficial in weight loss. It is also high in fiber which helps in reducing excessive hunger.


* The presence of carbohydrates and low calories in fruits helps in providing nutrients to the body without hitting the fat.

* Eating nuts is recommended to reduce blood pressure.


* Ginger is also good for improving heart health and controlling the risk of heart disease.

* Chewing gum is also effective in controlling blood sugar level.

* Chewing gum also gives the necessary strength to the bones and muscles.

Ginger is also good for health problems like osteoporosis.

Ginger is also good for the digestive system.

*Ginger is good for health problems like constipation and preventing bloating.

* Ginger also helps prevent stomach ulcers.

Ginger is very beneficial for eye health.

* Selenium present in chewing gum works for heart health.

* Chewing gum also helps in fighting some of the factors that cause colon cancer.

Boiled or cooked greens are good for diabetics.