Women’s periods ( during periods) pregnancy , pregnancy ) stops. In such a situation, if a woman has a little spot ( spot ) also comes, she gets nervous whether it is a sign of some unpleasant incident. But according to experts, light spotting is normal during pregnancy, but if bleeding is happening then it can be dangerous. It can also be a sign of a disorder. If you are also going through the phase of pregnancy, then you must be aware of it, so that in such a situation you can take the right decision in time.

First know what is the difference between spotting and bleeding

According to experts, when a spot of light pink or brown blood comes, in which you do not need any pad, then it is called spotting. But if you feel the need to apply a pad, it is bleeding. In such a situation, without thinking anything, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Know why spotting happens

There can be many reasons for spotting during pregnancy, but here we will tell you about the possible reasons which are often considered responsible for spotting –

1. Spotting occurs in about 20 to 30 percent of women during the first trimester. Therefore it is generally not considered to be of concern. But if spotting is happening after the first trimester, then this should also be told to the specialist.

2. If you have a relationship with your partner during pregnancy, then because of this you may have spotting. Actually, the size of cervical polyps increases during pregnancy. In such a situation, it is normal to have spotting after physical contact.

3. A few drops of spotting appear when the fertilized egg has taken root on the wall of the uterus. Spotting can also be caused by changes in the chorion and placenta.

Know the reason for bleeding

Bleeding during pregnancy is considered an alarm bell. This can be a sign of infection or miscarriage. Apart from this, the cervix starts dilating as the date of delivery approaches. In this case, there may be heavy bleeding with the release of viscous mucus.

Take care

You must tell the specialist about any kind of problem during pregnancy. So whether you have spotting or bleeding, do not become a doctor yourself. Tell the specialist and follow his instructions.