Exam fever 2022 :: We are all moving ahead with the changing science and technology. It provided many facilities. Things became very easily available. Today, with just one click of the Internet, getting the information you need is as simple as it gets. While this is true, there is a flip side to the coin as well. According to a research, it has been found that excessive use of screens not only affects our mental health but also weakens us physically.

Presently the examination of the students is going on. Ever since the corona pandemic started online education, these children and their parents have been hit hardest by screen time. Many parents are concerned that students’ screen time disrupts social interaction. How to reduce this screen time? Here are some easy tips. let’s find out.

Here are some simple tips for parents to reduce their kids’ screen time during exams:

1. Patience – Even if you are under stress in your life, you need to remain calm while dealing with children. Persistent irritability can affect the upbringing of the child.


2. Reduce screen time by yourself – Before you tell the kids, start reducing screen time on your own.

3. Make Study Planning – Students are already under stress during exams. To reduce the stress of children, it is necessary to sit next to them and help them in studies, make their schedule, reduce their stress. Children will also be happy with this.

4. Set aside time for games – As a parent, you need to replace your child’s screen time with active time. Being physically active is also very important. Let your child play his favorite sport for a certain amount of time. This will help you detox your child’s screen time during exams.

5. Follow a limit between screen time, meal time and sleep time – In fact everyone needs to follow this rule. Mobile during meals, preferably at bedtime. Stay away from internet. Also, interact with family and children. This will make your relationship stronger.

6. Be a Role Model – Before teaching kids, start with yourself. Only then can you set an example for your children. Remember, kids watch your actions, so be careful in time.

7. Play some traditional games – Try playing simple games with kids that don’t require resources, such as: treasure hunt at home, naming animals, making vocabulary games, passing up new words, creating a story from outlines, picture discussions.