Period Cramps Home Remedies: Abdominal pain, pelvic pain, cramps are one of the most common problems during periods. The most common cause of cramps during periods is the tightening of the uterine muscles. it helps with bleeding , When these muscles are working, there is definitely pain. But sometimes the pain can be so severe that it is difficult for women to eat, drink or even get up. difficult It is possible . Some girls resort to painkillers but you can also try some home remedies to get relief from pain.

take a warm bath To get relief from period cramps, take a warm bath. This will relax the muscles and organs of the brain. Also it will relieve stress.

home remedies for menstrual cramps
home remedies for menstrual cramps

heating pad Apply: Place a heating pad on your back or lower abdomen to ease cramps. You can also use hot towels instead.

Oil Massage with: Massage is one of the most useful home remedies for treating menstrual pain. Massage around the abdomen with an essential oil like lavender for about 5 minutes.

drink herbal tea Drinking herbal tea can be very helpful to get rid of period cramps. Herbal tea made from some herbs like Tulsi, Gilo not only reduces cramps but also calms the mind. Apart from herbal tea, you can also take green tea, chamomile TV.

home remedies for menstrual cramps
home remedies for menstrual cramps

Fennel and Cinnamon There are some compounds in fennel and cinnamon that reduce cramps during periods. Make a powder of these two and mix it in lukewarm water or milk.

keep body hydrated To keep the body hydrated with plenty of water, drink juice, coconut water etc. Also, you can include some water-rich foods in your diet.

drink turmeric milk Turmeric contains curcumin which helps in reducing period cramps. Drink 1 glass of milk mixed with turmeric and honey before sleeping or for breakfast.