No matter how old a person becomes, there are some such things in childhood which do not forget to do even after growing up. See the habit of bursting bubble wrap… No matter how old you are, you get busy in bursting bubble wrap as soon as you get it in your hand. We really enjoy pressing the bubble wrap one by one and the sound of put-put. Have you ever wondered why we enjoy bursting bubble wrap?

Bursting bubble wrap is one of the special childhood habits that we do as we grow up. Even today, we don’t throw away bubble wrap when we order something online or when something comes home with bubble wrapping. Like childhood, we also start filling with enthusiasm. We only throw all the bubbles after bursting them. What could be the reason behind this?

What is the reason that on seeing bubble wrap, a different kind of agitation starts in our mind? We get excited, excited to burst the bubble. According to a report by, the reason for this has been found in a research study. In research it has been found that when something small of spongy type comes in our hands, a special type of wave in our hands creates disturbance and strengthens them to press burst.

Not only this, when we are under stress, keeping small spongy things in such a situation gives us relief. When we start bursting these bubbles into bubble wrap, we feel like continuing. That is, to burst more such bubbles, he wants to keep on bursting. It is a good thing that by doing this our stress is reduced.

One study also said that one of the attractions of bubble wrap is that we put all our attention on bursting it and we are happy to do so. Bursting bubbles in stressful situations reduces our stress and makes us feel relaxed.