New Delhi: Chikoo is a fruit full of properties and very tasty. Consumption of chikoo in summer is beneficial. Chickpeas contain 71% water, 1.5% protein and 25.5% carbohydrate. It is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Chickpeas also contain 14% sugar. It is rich in phosphorus and iron. Chikoo is a sweet-tasting fruit, eating a knife keeps the body healthy. Chiku is found in summer as well as in winter. There are many benefits of eating chikoo after a healthy meal.

Eating chikoo strengthens bones, it contains calcium, ions and phosphorus, which is very beneficial in making bones strong. Chickpeas are rich in Vitamin A which is essential for eyesight. Eyes can also be cleaned with its use. Feeding chikoo to small children increases eyesight. Being antibacterial and antiviral, it benefits the body. It prevents bacteria from entering the body. Vitamin C present in it destroys bacteria in the body. It contains antibacterial and fiber to prevent cancer.

Beneficial for eyes- Chikoo to maintain eyesight for a long time
Contains sufficient amount of Vitamin A. Also, if there is pain in the eyes or there is a problem in vision, then chikoo should be consumed daily.

stomach problems
Beneficial in – The amount of fiber in chikoo is high, which provides relief from problems like constipation or indigestion. Eating chikoo daily strengthens the digestive system. Adding salt to chikoo not only removes constipation but also reduces obesity.

Body will get energy – Chiku
The body gets energy by replenishing the amount of glucose.

Best for cancer
Chikoo is very beneficial in keeping the body healthy. Chikoo protects the body from deadly diseases like cancer. If a person has colon cancer, oral cavity as well as lung cancer, then he should eat chikoo daily.

Inflammatory Ingredients – Chickpea is considered to be an anti-inflammatory agent and prevents diseases like constipation, nausea and anemia related to eyes. Apart from this, it increases the strength of the intestines and prevents diseases related to heart. If you want to be healthy, then you should consume chikoo regularly.