Mumbai: No relationship is possible with the effort of one person, so both have to participate equally in it. But many times in married relationships, men feel that it is the wife’s job to take all the responsibility. So he puts all the responsibility of the world on his wife. Sometimes this can also lead to a breakup, but many men are unaware of this.

There are many reasons due to which a woman may decide to divorce her husband. It is not easy for any wife to take the decision of divorce, but there are some circumstances in which she has to take this decision. Let us find out why women decide to divorce.

relationship cheating

No matter how close the relationship is, there is no doubt that if there is cheating then the relationship will end. Extramarital affairs are a major cause of divorce. Even after marriage, men are more likely to be attracted to other women. So their current relationship is on the verge of ending. Any wife can tolerate everything, but she cannot tolerate cheating in the relationship and it leads to divorce.


self respect

Both men and women have the right to equality in the relationship, but this is still not in line with the traditional thinking of the society. Where the husband considers his wife less than himself and in such a situation does not leave any opportunity to insult her. In such a situation, when the wife sees that her self-respect is constantly being hurt in the marital relationship, then she breaks down badly. When things don’t go that way, she has to decide to get a divorce.

bond over dreams

Nowadays most of the women are doing jobs, so they want to continue their career even after marriage. It is not that women do not try to take care of things after marriage, they learn the skills of handling the house along with the work. But when her father-in-law or her husband puts an end to her dreams, everything becomes difficult.


In the modern age women don’t want to compromise on their career, there is nothing wrong in being an independent woman and if your wife is working, then you should be proud. But losing his dreams forces him to consider divorce.

mental abuse

There is no doubt that the responsibilities of a woman increase after marriage, but it is wrong to burden her. The pressure of homework can put stress on the wife. Share your work equally with the wife, which will reduce her burden. But if this is not done, the result is a divorce.