Skin care is a big problem in summer. Nails, pimples and rashes start on oily skin. If you want to get rid of these problems then drink mint water. Pimples will also stay away from it.

Sunburn, pimples and rashes occur on the face in summer. Even after washing the face repeatedly in summer, the face becomes oily and pale. Cover your face, apply sunscreen and do not know what to do to avoid strong sunlight. But if you drink mint water in this season, then you will get many benefits from it. Sweating the most in summer. In such a situation, drinking mixed water is good for both health and skin. Nowadays people prefer to drink water with many hydrating pieces of fruits and vegetables. In summer you can also drink mint water. To do this, put some mint leaves in your water bottle. Keep drinking this water for 5-6 hours. If you want, you can add both lemon pieces and mint. It will make you feel cool in summers and your skin will be glowing and pimple free.Pudina Leaves (Pudina): Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects & More |  TheHealthSite.com

benefits of mint water
To keep the body hydrated during the rainy season, you should drink water regularly. For this you can also drink plain water, but drinking mixed water also flushes out toxins from the body. Drinking such water detoxifies the body. For this you can drink a variety of fruits and vegetables submerged in water, if you do not like the taste then you can add some mint leaves to your bottled water. Everyone likes the taste of fresh mint, apart from this, there are many benefits of drinking such water.

1- Get rid of Pimples- After the scorching sun, now the moisture, greasy and sweaty heat brings many problems, meanwhile many people have oily skin, they have to face the problem of acne. Mint has anti-bacterial properties to prevent acne on the face.Use mint water to get rid of pimples in summer

2- The skin will improve- The face becomes lifeless in the summer season. The glow of the skin disappears, so if you drink mint water regularly, it keeps your skin absolutely fresh. Mint has anti-inflammatory properties that keep your skin healthy in summers.

3- Beneficial for stomach- Our digestive system becomes very weak in summer and rain. By eating pulta upside down, there is a problem of acid in the stomach. But if you drink mint water then it will also help you in gas, bloating or any other stomach problem. Mint contains menthol which helps our digestive system to function properly. Apart from this, drinking mint water also keeps the stomach healthy.