Chotaudepur: How many times people get out of touch during monsoon in Meen river in Naswadi taluka of Chhotaudpur district. Repeated representations were made to the government in this regard and the government allowed construction of a pool on the river at a cost of Rs 5 crore. But what is the reason for leaving the work which was assigned to the contractor? The work has remained unfinished since last six months. Now people have given up hope that the work of this bridge will not be completed before the monsoon. So now the next monsoon will come and go like this.

A low level causeway has been built over the years on the Main river between Khushalpura and Garh village in Naswadi taluka of Chhotaudepur district. About 100 villagers pass through this route. The people of this village did not have much problem in moving here and there in the summer and winter season, but during the four months of monsoon, the people here face a lot of trouble. There is no other way to cross the hills and go to the pasture. So this is the only way. During monsoon, whenever water enters the river, it is difficult for people to cross the lower level bridge. And sometimes people get stuck for two-three days without even getting down from the lower water bridge. After repeated representations to the system, it was decided to build a bridge over the river at a cost of Rs 5 crore and a contractor was also entrusted with the work. The work on the 95 meter long bridge was completed in June 2021. The construction of the bridge is not complete and is closed for the last six months. The artisans working here have also been sitting here for the last six months and are leaving now.

The pillars of the bridge have been erected and iron rods have been laid for operation. But as no action was taken, there was anger among the people. People don’t know why work is closed. Some are even saying that the contractor is lost. The government should start work immediately after finding this missing contractor.

Although this bridge does not seem to be completed in any condition before the arrival of monsoon, but the villagers are demanding to resume the work which has been closed for six months. During monsoons, school children have to carry their necessities of life from this low level causeway in Naswadi. Also, when it comes to taking a pregnant woman to the hospital, she has to face more difficulties than her family.

The demand of the villagers is that a bridge should be constructed on this road connecting 100 villages at the earliest and the contractor to whom the work has been entrusted, should be started at the earliest.