New Delhi: Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Secretary (West), Sanjay Verma on Wednesday (April 6, 2022) informed that India and Netherlands have signed four agreements during the state visit of President Ram Nath Kovind to Netherlands.

Addressing a special briefing in the Netherlands, Verma pointed out that the India-Netherlands partnership is important not only in content but also in terms of the momentum and momentum generated by periodic meetings between the leadership of the two countries.


He said, “The Indian President has visited the Netherlands after 34 years. Four agreements were signed during the visit. The first is an extension of the MoU on bilateral cooperation in the fields of ports, maritime transport and logistics.

“The second is an extension of the MoU on the Execution of Common Cultural Heritage with the State Archives Department, National Archives of Kerala and the Netherlands; The third is the MoU between Leiden University and the Kerala Historical Research Council and the National Archives of the Netherlands for the Cosmos Malabaricus project,” Varma said. ,


The fourth agreement is an extension of the cooperation program between the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Government of the Netherlands.

India committed to strengthen its ties with overseas Indians: Kovind

moreover, President Ram Nath Kovind Welcoming the Indian community to the Netherlands, said that India is committed to strengthening its bond with the diaspora and meeting its needs.


“We have taken several initiatives under 4C – Care, Connect, Celebrate and Contribute. Overseas Citizen of India cards are issued to give status and privileges in many areas. Travel to India has been facilitated through issuance of long term visas and e-visas. To increase the participation of diaspora youth and introduce them to Indian youth and their Indian roots, we launched the Know India program and scholarship program for children of Indian origin to join Indian universities. for higher education. We would like you to take advantage of these initiatives and actively participate in them.”

The President underlined that in all parts of the world Indian citizens The safety, security, well-being and welfare of India is a priority for India.

“In every corner of the world, over the last two years, the government has made special efforts to enable our citizens to return home during the worst phase of the COVID-19 pandemic by launching the ‘Vande Bharat’ mission. Recently, Operation Ganga brought back more than 22,000 Indian citizens, mostly students, who were stranded in conflict zones in Ukraine. As the Prime Minister said, humanity was at the core of Operation Ganga, not the color of the passport,” he said.

President Kovind’s visit to celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations

President Ram Nath Kovind is on a visit to the Netherlands along with First Lady Savita Kovind from April 4 to 7. President Kovind was accompanied by Minister of State for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying and Minister of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Loganathan Murugan and Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Dilip Ghosh.

The first visit of the President of India to the Netherlands is an important milestone as India and the Netherlands celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations this year. This is also the first Head of State visit from India to the Netherlands in more than three decades.

The Ministry of External Affairs said, “The President’s state visit, which took place as both India and the Netherlands, celebrates the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, reflects the commitment to further deepen ties for the mutual benefit of both peoples and repeats.”