Mumbai: Online food delivery has made people’s life happier and happier. So that people can sit anytime, anywhere and enjoy the food of their choice. Food delivery boy who helps you deliver this food. But most of the time these delivery boys bring their food late. Then some people shout at these people. Which is very wrong. Stand-up comedian Sahil Shah has shared a very emotional post about it on Twitter. In which he has described the plight of the food delivery boy.

Sahil Shah wrote on Twitter, “Today a food delivery boy started crying after speaking in front of me as he had three accidents while delivering my food. I gave him water and gave a tip. Please be nice to the deliverymen. They’re trying. His best. ,

In his tweet, Sahil Shah wrote, “It doesn’t matter if the food is late, I can understand the anger. But they are risking their lives to get food for you. No matter how hungry you are. But it should not hurt anyone.


Sahil also wrote in his tweet, ‘Tip those who are coming to give food. They neither get respect nor good money. Try to be nice to them. Talk to them, respect them. Many people have retweeted this tweet of Sahil.

This tweet of Sahil Shah is going to make everyone emotional. On which people have commented a lot. Not only this, people are saying that delivery should be stopped within 10 minutes. This is because these people often become victims of accidents due to lack of time.