Mumbai: After the decrease in the number of corona patients, all the restrictions have been lifted in Mumbai. While Mumbaikars have got some relief, there is now a worrying news as well.

Patients of two new variants of corona have been found in Mumbai. The lethal variants of Corona are the Kappa variant and the XE variant. These startling findings have come to the fore in the genome sequencing test conducted by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. On one hand, the government removed the restrictions in view of the shortage of Corona. Even masks have been made optional. On the other hand, with the discovery of two new forms of corona, Mumbaikars need to be careful.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation has declared the results of class XI examination. It studied Covid virus samples from 230 patients. Of the 230 patients, 228 were diagnosed, while the remaining two patients were found to be infected with one CaPA and the other with the XE variant.


A total of 376 patients’ samples were tested in the eleventh trial, jointly conducted by the Next Generation Genome Sequencing Lab at Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Kasturba Hospital and the National Institute of Virology in Pune. Of these, 230 patients are citizens of Mumbai city.

patients of any age group
– aged 0 to 20 years – 31 patients (13 percent)
– 21 to 40 years of age – 95 patients (41 percent)
– 41 to 60 years of age – 72 patients (31 percent)
– 61 to 80 years of age – 29 patients (13 percent)
– 81 to 100 age group – 3 patients (1 percent)

Of the 230, 21 have been hospitalised. None of those who took the first dose had to be hospitalized. Nine of those who took both doses have been hospitalised.