Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden held a virtual meeting today. Meanwhile, PM Modi said, “As the world’s two oldest and largest democracies, we are natural partners.” “This meeting between us is taking place at a time when the situation in Ukraine is very disturbing and worrying,” he said.

During the meeting, PM Narendra Modi also mentioned the massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. PM Modi said that the news of the killing of innocent civilians in Bucha is very worrying. We immediately condemned the massacre and demanded a transparent investigation. “We hope that the ongoing dialogue between Russia and Ukraine will lead to the establishment of peace,” he said. PM Narendra Modi said, ‘I have spoken to the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia. I have instructed President Putin to speak directly to the President of Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden said, “I welcome India’s humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine, who have been victims of the horrific attacks.” We value a strong and progressive defense partnership.

Ahead of the meeting, Joe Biden said in a tweet: “Today I will be meeting Prime Minister Modi in India for a virtual meeting. I look forward to strengthening the ties between our government, our economies and our people.”