Beed: Beed If I hear the agony of a woman, you will also be shocked. She was as beautiful as she looked. Her husband has kept her in the room for the last four years because she looks beautiful. Not only this, he also beat him fiercely.

The shocking incident is from the Jalna Road area of ​​Beed city. The name of the victim is Rupali Kinhikar and she has two children. Police rescued the woman with the help of social workers. Seeing his condition, tears welled up in the eyes of the police and social workers.

Rupali Manoj Kinhikar, who lives near Jalna Road in Beed, was married to Manoj Kinhikar 20 years ago. , The world started with the dream of a beautiful life, the first two-three years passed happily. But then her husband started torturing her doubting her character.


Rupali was going to work in a shop. However, when my husband suspected me, he stopped him from going to work. After that Manoj stopped Rupali from leaving the house. Rupali says that she got out of the house five-six years ago. But after that Rupali said that she did not see the outside world.

Not only this, Rupali was not even allowed to attend her father’s funeral. Manoj harassed his wife as well as their two children. Rupali was as beautiful as her name, but this man made her sick. Neighbors told that she started looking 80 years old at an early age.


Her husband doubted her because she was very beautiful. Rupali is being beaten up and kept in the house for the last 17 years.

After receiving a complaint from Shivaji Nagar police station, he went to the spot. The smell was so strong that one could not wait even five minutes. In such a situation, the victim and her two children were living. The police have released the woman and she has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

Even today in Maharashtra, which is considered progressive, the atrocities on women have not reduced. Is humanity really alive after this shocking style in Beed? Such a question is being posed. Social workers and neighbors are demanding the harshest punishment to the guilty.