Mumbai: Many pictures or videos related to ‘Optical Illusion’ are going viral on social media at this time. Although these pictures may seem ordinary to you, they are suggestive. Because in this we see something different at first sight and when we look again, something different is seen. Pictures of such optical illusions are coming out one after the other. Which makes people think.

A photo of one such mango has come to the fore, in which there are many mangoes. Now the mango season has started and mango is the closest to everyone. So everyone, be it human, animal or bird, cannot stop themselves from enjoying mangoes.

So how can a parrot be tempted? He too has come to taste these mangoes. But now it has become difficult to find parrots in this parrot because its color is like mango.


The good guys haven’t found the hidden parrot in these mangoes, so see if you can find the parrot hidden in them.

the parrot is hiding here

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find this parrot. 99% of the people could not give the correct answer. But we tell you where this parrot is hiding.


In the photo the parrot is sitting on the left. A closer look reveals that his head is hidden in the mango. For your convenience, we have also made a circle on the top of the parrot.

If you see parrots in it today, then share this photo with your friends and test their intelligence and eyesight.