Mumbai: We need money to live and work to earn money. For which we have to use both hard work and intelligence. But if someone tells you that we will give you money only for sitting empty‚Ķ then? Now, would you ever say that? How can I get paid for vacant seating? Even if you don’t believe it but it is true.

There is a company that gives you Rs 1.8 lakh for watching TV for 24 hours. Who doesn’t like sitting and watching TV and getting money without doing anything, so what more do you want in life?

This job is offered by Magellan TV. Giving people. In which you want to see stories based on true events.


Magellan TV is a streaming service that broadcasts documentaries about crime. The company is offering people Rs 2,400 or Rs 1.8 lakh for watching its crime documentary for 24 hours. This is the third year in a row that Magellan TV has made this offer.

They will allow select people to watch documentaries throughout the day and broadcast on social media. While it might sound like an easy task, the company says it’s not easy to keep up with such horror stories all day long. This challenge is as interesting as it is difficult.


The company says that if a candidate completes the task, he will not only get a reward of Rs 1.8 lakh, but will also get a free one-year Magellan TV subscription.

The company says that the ideal candidate for us would be able to face the most dangerous serial killers and ghost stories. Even after seeing all this, they will have the courage to watch the documentary. If someone has that much confidence in himself, then he can apply for this challenge.