New Delhi: Ladakh travel is always on the bucket list of travelers. Indian or foreign, everyone wants to visit Ladakh at least once. As Ladakh is one of the most desired tourist destinations, it welcomes thousands of tourists, some are mesmerized by the sight of snow-capped mountains, some sit by the banks of the famous Pangong lakes and enjoy the beautiful, natural creation.

However, some visitors forget that they share these beautiful landscapes with other people and animals and behave in a very irresponsible manner in littering. One such incident happened when a group of 3-4 men drove their Audi Q3 through the waters of Pangong Tso lake.


Three men are seen in an Audi Q3 in a video shared by Jigmat Ladakhi on Twitter. Two of the three men are outside the sunroof while the driver takes the car from Pangong Tso. A table with some bottles of Aldo is seen in the video. watch


The video shared on the microblogging site has garnered 516k views and over 12.5k likes. People across the country are outraged by this shameful act of tourists.