Jaipur, April 11 (H.S.). Amin Kaggi, chairman of the Rajasthan State Haj Committee, said that the persons willing to undertake Haj pilgrimage can make fresh applications as per the prescribed conditions till April 22. He said that according to the new guideline issued by the Central Haj Committee, on April 30, 2022, people who are more than 65 years of age will be ineligible for Haj pilgrimage. He said that women Haj pilgrims whose mahram is becoming ineligible due to age limit can reapply for mahram below 65 years of age.

While addressing the media regarding Haj pilgrimage in his room at Secretariat here on Monday, Kagji said that this year Haj pilgrimage will be held and people of the state will also be able to go to Haj, the committee is making all the preparations related to it. He said that so far 2883 applications have been received for Haj pilgrimage 2022. But according to the new guideline, at present, applicants of 65 years of age or more will not be sent on the journey.

He said that according to the new guidelines, Hajj is open to people who are below 65 years of age and have received the Saudi Arabian government-approved COVID-19 vaccine. He said that the test report of Kovid-19 RT-PCR done within 72 hours of departure during Haj will also have to be submitted. Along with this, it will also be necessary to follow the guidelines issued from time to time regarding Kovid-19 by the Ministry of Saudi Haj and Umrah.