After the State Education Minister Jitu Vaghan’s statement regarding the education system in Gujarat, the opposition and especially the Aam Aadmi Party attacked the BJP government in Ritsar. Eventually, Jeetu Vaghan defended his statement, saying it was misinterpreted. However, today Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia did a reality check of government schools in Bhavnagar, the stronghold of Jitu Waghan. On the other hand, BJP MPs from Delhi also raided government schools in the country’s capital. Thus has compromised with the BJP and thus the education system.

Reality of Delhi’s world class school
On one hand Manish Sisodia has come to see the condition of government schools in Gujarat, while on the other hand BJP MP from Delhi Pravesh Sahib Verma visited the government schools there. He has shared many videos of this matter on his official Twitter handle. In which it can be seen that Parvesh Verma is going to government school one after the other and saying that Kejriwal does not attend school in Delhi. They are saying, we have doubled the education budget, but what about the schools in Delhi? you can see

Manish Sisodia is going to Gujarat with business class ticket. BJP MP Pravesh Verma is carrying a banner in front of a government school saying that Kejriwal is not Navara of Punjab. Today Sisodia has reached Gujarat, while Satyendra Jain is doing hawala business. Kejriwal has misled the people of Delhi by giving advertisements worth crores of rupees only.


Not only this, in another tweet, only school teachers and students are starting the poll of Delhi’s education model. Sharing a video on his Twitter account, Verma wrote, ‘Neither teacher, nor studies, nor water… the students themselves are showing the reality of Delhi’s schools.


In another tweet, he is saying with the video that students in Delhi schools are risking their lives and studying. Will you leaders send your children to these schools?

I have come to see what the government has done in 27 years: Sisodia
Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visited Hadanagar Primary School No 62 in Bhavnagar. Where he said that the Education Minister of Gujarat had given a statement that those who do not go to school here, they should go to another state. So I thought, how is education in Gujarat? I want to know this. We have to see what the BJP government has done in the last 27 years. That’s why I visited the education minister’s government school in the assembly constituency today. The school building here is dilapidated.

Jitu Vaghan’s supporters on the field on social media, gave you the answer
During Manish Sisodia’s Gujarat tour, supporters of Jitu Vaghan have come out on the field on social media. After the sight of the dilapidated school building and children studying in the sun, now pictures of good schools in the name of “My School, My Pride” are becoming viral on social media.

Members and office bearers of Bhavnagar Education Committee have also shared pictures of good schools on social media. which is going viral. BJP is answering you in this way.