Kondagaon, April 11 (H.S.). 19 hostage workers brought by the district administration from Bengaluru, Karnataka, were sent home to their families on Sunday. The above information has been given in the press release issued by the District Public Relations Department on Monday.

It is noteworthy that on March 23, an application was made by Kopabeda resident Ramlal Netam to the office of Labor Officer regarding the work of his son Tarseem Netam being held hostage in Bengaluru Karnataka and not providing wages. In this regard, as soon as the cognizance was received, Collector Pushpendra Kumar Meena constituted a team of Labor Department and Police Department and directed to take action to bring back the workers at the earliest.

On the instructions of the Collector, Labor Officer RG Sudhakar, coordinating with the police administration, after discussing with the officials of Karnataka Police of Bengaluru, was informed about the hostage of the workers and a four-member team was constituted by the Collector and sent to Bangalore. Labor Inspector Amar Singh Khande, Revenue Inspector Ajay Srivastava, Assistant Sub Inspector of Police Dinesh Dahria and Principal Constable Sukhram Kashyap were included in this team.

On which 19 workers who were taken hostage from different workplaces were freed by the team in coordination with Karnataka Police while raiding the bases. In which 11 workers from Kondagaon, 05 from Bastar, 02 from Kanker and 01 from Narayanpur district were involved. After discussing with the Karnataka Police, all these workers were brought to Kondagaon on 10th April by the team after paying proper wages for the work done so far through the employers. Where after discussing with the workers, after registering the initial information, they have been sent safely to their residence. Thanking the district administration, all the workers who reached Kondagaon expressed happiness on their return home.