Kamareddy (Telangana): Telangana In a shocking development, a family has been ostracized for not being able to arrange a feast for their daughter’s wedding.

Caste elders in the Ramareddy area here declared a family socially outcast after it had failed to arrange a wedding dinner for their daughter’s wedding almost a year ago. Poshaiya, a victim of this incident, lives with his family in Maddikunta village here, while his daughter had run away and married last year. The family had no contact with the daughter until after she was reunited with the family.

On reaching his village, the elders of the caste demanded the family to arrange a wedding feast. But due to financial constraints the family members could not meet the demand. A similar demand was made by the upper castes when Poshaiya’s son returned to India from Dubai about a month ago. Even at that time the family members were not ready to fulfill any such demand.

Enraged by the family’s reaction, the caste elders decided to exclude the family from community functions and other social activities in the village. The caste elders also decided that if any family member and villager violated their decision, they would be fined up to Rs 10,000. Poshaiya’s family was deeply offended by the decision, expressed grief and even hinted at committing suicide instead of tolerating such humiliation. However, taking cognizance of the matter, the police reached the spot in time to investigate the matter.

During the initial interrogation, the officials sought an explanation from the sarpanch, ensuring that the caste elders are alerted about the family’s reaction to the matter. Sub Inspector Bhuvneshwar Rao said that the authorities have not received any complaint from the aggrieved party so far, though the matter is being investigated.