Yamunanagar, April 11 (H.S.). Panic spread in the area after a blast at the house of plywood trader Naresh Gupta in Hooda Sector-17 of Jagadhri on Monday afternoon. The explosion was so strong that even the window panes of the house were broken. On receiving information about the blast, two fire brigade vehicles arrived and the fire was brought under control.

District Fire Officer Pramod Duggal said that there was a minor fire. which was extinguished. It was only because of the firecrackers that the blast happened. Sector 17 resident Naresh Gupta is getting construction work done in his house. He started removing the old things kept in the house’s door. In it, firecrackers to be released after hitting the ground were kept in a bag. As soon as he removed the bag, it was left out of hand. Suddenly all the firecrackers exploded simultaneously. Neighbors told that there was a loud bang. The window panes were also broken. Due to which people also got panic. One hand of Naresh Gupta was also burnt in the blast caused by firecrackers. He was admitted to the hospital by the family members.