Anthony John, a resident of Kollam district of Kerala, has made an electric car at his home. This car can seat 2-3 people and once fully charged, it can travel up to 60 kilometers. Anthony John has spent only 4.5 lakh rupees to make it.

Careers Career consultant John uses this car to travel between his home and office. Antony John used to use an electric scooter but over time he needed an electric car that could protect him from rain and sun.

In 2018, he started thinking about building an electric vehicle. 2 people can easily sit in the car made by Anthony. The body of the car was built by a garage, but all the wiring was done by Anthony John himself. The car has been named ‘Pulakudu’ after Anthony’s house.

The 60 km range is just Rs. in

The car also gets steering, brakes, clutch, accelerator, headlights, fog light indicators and front and back wipers. The cost of running this electric car is also very less. It can cover a distance of 60 kms in just Rs 60. Its top speed is 25 kmph.

According to FADA data, the sale of electric vehicles in the country has more than tripled in the last financial year. Total sales of Electric Vehicles (EVs) reached 4,29,217 units in 2021-22, which is more than three times higher than 1,34,821 units in FY 2020-21.