379897-fansiiiiejNew Delhi Shabnam incident has been a topic of discussion in the country for some time now. For the first time in independent India, a woman has been given death sentence. A woman named Shabnam is to be hanged in Mathura jail in Uttar Pradesh. Shabnam along with her lover Salim played a deadly game in their own house. Then today we will tell you, what is the whole incident of Shabnam and what does the executioner say in the ear of the criminal before hanging…

What happens before hanging?
Before hanging any criminal, the executioner hangs the idol of the criminal and prosecutes him. And then the hanging rope is ordered. The family of the criminal is informed 15 days in advance that he will be able to meet the criminal for the last time.

What are the last words in a criminal’s ear?
Before hanging, the executioner goes to the criminal and says in his ear, “Sorry, I am just a government employee.” I am compelled by the law. After that, if the criminal is a Hindu, the executioner calls him Ram-Ram. Or if the culprit is a Muslim, then salute him for the last time. After saying this, the executioner pulls the lever and hangs it till death. The doctor then examines the criminal’s breath. After the death is confirmed, the body is handed over to the relatives after completing the necessary process.

What happens on the day of hanging?
On the day of execution the prisoner is bathed and given new clothes.
In the morning, under the supervision of the jail superintendent, the guard takes the prisoner to the gallows.
Prison superintendent, medical and magisterial powers exist.
Before the execution, the superintendent informs the magistrate that the prisoner has been identified and the death warrant has been read.
The death warrant bears the signature of the prisoner.
Before the execution, the prisoners are asked their last wishes.
In the prison rules, the wishes of the prisoner are fulfilled.
At the time of hanging, the executioner is in front of the culprits.

Here is the Shabnam case:
Shabnam, a resident of Bawankhedi village in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, along with her lover Salim, killed a total of 7 people. On the night of 14-15 April 2008, he played a deadly game in his own house. He killed his parents, two brothers, a sister-in-law, an aunt’s daughter and an innocent nephew with an axe. The sister-in-law whom Shabnam killed was also pregnant. Shabnam was sentenced to death after the incident.