The central government has spent around Rs 100 lakh crore on infrastructure development and social sector programs in the last eight years. The sources, citing the RBI report, said that the amount spent by the central government on development works during 2014-15 to 2021-22 was Rs 90,89,233 crore. Earlier this month, former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has collected Rs 26.5 lakh crore during the year 2014-2021 by way of tax on fuel gas, but free food to the people, cash assistance to women, The total expenditure on PM-Kisan Nidhi scheme and other cash transfer schemes is Rs 2.25 lakh crore and not less than the tax levied by the central government on an annual basis.

Sources said that the figures presented by the government to the former finance minister are very less while the government has spent four times more on development works. Sources said it is clear that the revenue collected from fuel tax was being spent by the government on developers. And it is unfortunate that the former finance minister has forgotten basic data points.

How much money did the central government spend ,

Giving details of the expenditure incurred by the central government on infrastructure and social sector schemes, sources said that out of this amount, over Rs 26 lakh crore has been spent on modernization of infrastructure and creation of productive assets. In this way, Rs 25 lakh crore has been spent on food, fertilizer and fuel subsidies. So Rs 10 lakh crore has been spent on social services like health, education, affordable housing etc.