Coronavirus cases in India today: New cases of the deadly coronavirus pandemic are declining in the country. After two years, the effect of Corona in the country is decreasing. In the last 24 hours, 861 infected people have died in the country and only 6 people have died. While 929 people have defeated Corona.

Active case less than 12 thousand

According to the Union Health Ministry, the number of active cases in the country has come down to 11,058. While the total death toll has reached 5,21,691. In the country, 4,25,03,383 people have won the battle against Corona. So far 185,74,18,827 doses of vaccine have been given in the country. Out of which 2,44,870 doses were given yesterday. Vaccination started in the country on 16 January 2021.

Will there be a fourth wave in India?


With the re-emergence of corona in China and European countries, the possibility of a fourth wave in India has also increased. Experts recommend caution for the fourth wave. Corona has created a ruckus in China. Corona has also been reported in many European countries including Britain. After seeing an increase in corona cases across the world, there is a possibility of a fourth wave in India too. Reports quoting Dr. Subhash Salunkhe, former High Commissioner of Health Services and former Health Adviser to the Delhi State Government, said that the fourth wave is looming over India. Although there is still disagreement among experts about when the fourth wave will come, they have advised the health department to be cautious about the possibility of a fourth wave. Although other experts also say that there is no immediate threat of fourth wave of corona in the country, but caution is needed.