Mumbai: Standard for Ration Card: An important news for the beneficiaries of Ration Card. The government has increased the free ration scheme. Meanwhile, the Food and Public Distribution Department is making changes in the rules of the ration card. Changes have been made in the norms prescribed for eligible persons to take ration from government ration shops. The new standard is almost ready now. Not only this, many meetings have been held with the state governments in this regard. Let us see what changes will be made in the new provision.

even the financially affluent profit

According to the Department of Food and Public Distribution, currently 80 crore people across the country are benefiting from the National Food Security Act (NFSA). There are many people who are financially well off. Keeping this in mind, the Ministry of Public Distribution will make changes in the standards. The new norms will be made completely transparent to avoid irregularities in distribution.

What is the need of change?

In this regard, the Food and Public Distribution Department said that a meeting is being held with the states regarding changes in the standards. New standards are being formulated for the characters with suggestions from the states. These standards will be fixed soon. When the new standard is implemented, only eligible persons will get the benefit, ineligible persons will not get the benefit, this change is being done keeping in mind the needs.


One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

According to the Food and Public Distribution Department, the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ (ONORC) scheme has been implemented in 32 states and union territories so far. 86 percent of the beneficiaries of NFSA are getting benefited from this scheme. Every month about 1.5 crore people are getting benefitted from one place to another.