INS Vikrant: The warship INS Vikrant has once again come into the limelight due to political allegations. The warship INS Vikrant played an important role in the Indo-Pak war of 1971. What is the exact history of this INS Vikrant warship? What really happened to INS Vikrant? let’s find out

INS Vikrant was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 1961 to enhance the strength of the Indian Navy. The battleship was first commissioned into the British Navy in 1945. World War II ended before it was too late. The battleship then retired from the British Navy. Then in 1957, India bought this warship.

The same INS Vikrant played an important role in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The joining of Vikrant increased the strength of the Indian Navy. The aircraft carrier posed a bitter challenge to Pakistan. Pakistan had hatched a conspiracy to overthrow Vikrant. Pakistan sent submarine PNS Ghazi, however, the Indian Navy foiled Pakistan’s conspiracy.

In 1997, the INS Vikrant battleship retired from de-commissioning. By 2012, the INS Vikrant warship was opened to the public as a war museum. At this time, the common man came to know about the stories of this warship and its skills.


In 2014, it was decided to auction INS Vikrant. Opposing the auction, there was a demand to convert the INS into a war museum. Maharashtra The government showed its inability to maintain the warship. INS Vikrant was bought by IB Commercial Private Limited in an auction process.

Run to the High Court for Vikrant

A PIL was filed in the Mumbai High Court in December 2013 to preserve the ship and convert it into a museum. But the Defense Ministry said it was not possible to convert the ship into a maritime museum. The court then dismissed the petition and the ministry had constituted an advisory board to sell the ship to the highest bidder and Vikrant was bought in the same auction.

Vikrant’s iron bike

Bajaj launched a bike named ‘V’ on 1 February 2016, two years after INS Vikrant went into disrepair in 2014. Vikrant’s metal was used in this bike.