Talking about the cheapest electric car in India, its price is around 12 lakh rupees. You will be surprised to know that someone builds his own car at the cost of Rs 5 and travels 60 km daily. But this is true. Anthony John, 67, from Kerala, decided to build an electric car from his home for office hours. The distance between his home and office is 30 km.

Earlier, they used electric scooters for office hours. But he also liked an electric car. So that it can be protected from sun and rain. There was no such option available in the market at that time. Antony started making electric cars from scrap in the year 2018. He reached a workshop to make the body of the car. He got battery, motor and wiring support from a Delhi-based businessman. He completed the electrical work of the car himself. Due to the Corona epidemic, they had to delay making the car. Then came an electric car in which two people could sit comfortably. But initially it had more battery capacity due to which the car could not go far.


After the lockdown opened, when he contacted the expert, he upgraded the car’s battery. After installing the new battery, now his electric car can cover a distance of 60 km. Now he goes to office every day in his electric car and his daily expenses are only 5 rupees. Gram Vartha has uploaded a video about this on his YouTube channel.