Thane News: Thanekar (Thanekar) Use water sparingly for the next four days because this news is very important for you. In summer , Thanekars may face water shortage. that’s because Thane Municipal Corporation The water level in the Paise Dam, which supplies water to the area, has receded. Hence, there will be low pressure water supply in Thane city for the next four days. insufficiency of water Of Because for the next four days Thanekar will have to use water carefully. The residents of Thane are being urged to avoid excessive use of water and use water sparingly for the next four days.


In the Thane Municipal Corporation area, 485 million liters of water is supplied daily from four sources. It supplies 210 million liters of water from a municipal scheme. For this scheme water is pumped from Pankh dam of Bhatsa dam. However, this year it is not possible for the municipal corporation to store enough water due to the sudden drop in the water level in the dam. For these reasons, Thane Municipal Corporation has decided to reduce water. Due to the depleting water reserves, it has been said that water will be supplied under low pressure to Thane city for the next four days. Therefore Thanekars should use water sparingly.


The water supply department of Thane Municipal Corporation said that the reason behind the low water level in the Pise dam is yet to be ascertained. The search is on for him. The Pise Dam supplies daily water to the entire Thane city. At present, 5 to 10 per cent less water is being supplied from the dam. Therefore, Thanekar should keep in mind that there will be a water cut for the next four days. Accordingly, citizens should make proper storage of water and cooperate with Thane Municipal Corporation, an appeal has been made by the Water Supply Department.