corona booster Dosage: From today everyone above the age of 18 years will be able to take a booster dose of Corona. Citizens between the ages of 18 and 59 have to pay a fee at a private immunization centre. A covid booster dose is offered. Covishield and Covacin supplements now available at Rs. Health workers and citizens above 60 years of age will continue to receive booster doses at government and municipal centers. Vaccines are also available free of cost for children aged 12 to 17 years at government centres. Although the corona crisis has subsided, vaccination is necessary for citizens. If you want to avoid the fourth wave, a booster dose will be important.

Starting today, April 10, all people above the age of 18 will be given a precautionary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at private immunization centres. The Union Health Ministry made this announcement on Friday. The ministry had said that all persons above the age of 18 who have been given a second dose of the vaccine for 9 months will be eligible for a booster dose. But how to register for this dosage? Or at which centers will the vaccine be available? Many such questions will be in your mind. Let us know the answers to some such questions…

Few questions about booster dose…

What is a booster dose?


Persons 18 years of age or older. They can take a booster dose of the corona vaccine.

When to take a booster dose?

Individuals who have completed two doses of corona vaccine and have been taking both doses for 9 months or more may receive a booster dose. For this, they can register for the booster dose at their nearest private immunization center.

Which vaccine will be given as a booster dose?

Two doses of the vaccine that have been given to you before. A booster dose of the same vaccine will be given.

How to register for a booster dose?

The government on Saturday said that there is no need to re-register on the Kovin portal for booster doses. Because the first two vaccines were already booked.

What is the cost of booster dose?

Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech had reduced the prices of booster doses of their vaccines. After talks with the government, the Kovid-19 vaccine will be available in hospitals for Rs 225. The government had also said that private immunization centers can charge a service fee of Rs 150 per dose.