Rape Case: Rape More ghastly than murder because it destroys the soul of a helpless woman. A special court in POCSO recently convicted a 28-year-old man of attempted gang rape of 15 years and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The boy appeared in court and testified against the now convicted accused.

The victim’s evidence is credible on the basis of which Special Judge HC Shende observed that the accused took the victim to a secluded place with the intention of committing rape to further his common cause. The court rejected the defense’s argument.

The court said that the accused knew the child. Though the victim delayed talks, made a genuine claim and identified the present accused as an assailant, the accused who was not alive was also introduced.


The girl’s mother had complained of rape to the police. The mother had said that seeing her condition, the girl used to stay at home while her brother used to go to school every day.

The mother told that when she returned from work on 4 September 2015, she noticed a change in the behavior of the child. The mother told that when she took the child into custody, she told him about the assault.

She told her mother that the accused sexually abused her by taking her to a secluded area with the lure of Rs 10. The girl further said that this has happened before. The accused have been arrested after registering an FIR.

The girl told the court that the couple had threatened to slit her throat if she told her family about the sexual abuse.

Convicting the accused, the court denied to the defense that the now deceased accused and the girl were in love and that the accused was falsely implicated.

No respectable woman can risk her family’s honor and her daughter’s character to teach a lesson to the accused because her daughter loves the accused and is not alive.
While refusing to give leniency to the accused, the court cited the impact of such offenses on civil society.