tomorrow board Test Of Hindi paper for class 10 (STD 10) social media viral on done , After the incident, the search for the maker of this paper went viral. in which LCB Dahod A case has been registered for speeding four youths of Sanjeli in the district. One person is still out of police custody. Yesterday the Hindi paper went viral, which again raised questions on the examination system and prompt action was taken to nab those responsible.

There is a possibility of paper leak once again in Gujarat. 10th board paper was going viral on social media. The answers to this paper went viral on social media during the ongoing examinations. It is possible that there was a mistake in the exam regarding Jane. The investigation was started after the board got information about the entire incident. Usually if the student writes the paper early and wants to leave the class early then the paper is taken from him and then he is let go. However, the paper that was solved before the end of the exam time went viral on social media and there is a possibility of another paper bursting.

Yesterday, Hindi was the second language paper for class 10 exam. The paper was taken from 10 am to 1 pm. However, this reply of the newspaper went viral on social media at 12.39 pm. During the current examination, many questions are being raised as the answers of the paper are going viral on the social media. The matter reached the GSEB board after the paper, which was solved before the end of the exam period, went viral on social media. The Gujarat Education Board has started investigation in this regard.

Congress also came forward on the issue of paper going viral. Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi has questioned the issue of the viral paper that it is a matter of shame for the education department. He demanded that strict action should be taken against the person who made the paper viral. Why is it not being investigated despite the paper leaking time and again? He questioned how the paper solved in the current examination went viral. He said that earlier in Mehsana also the paper was leaked. He also alleged that sports are being played for 5-10 people in Gujarat with the careers of lakhs of students.