Siblings Day 2022: We love them, sometimes hate them, argue with them, share the most precious memories, compete with them and most importantly, we can’t live without them! The most important member of your life is your ‘siblings’. They are an important part of our life and we always share everything with them first.

As the closest person to you apart from your parents, your bond with your siblings is priceless. Now the reason for saying all this is that today is ‘Sibling Day’! (Brother Sister Day 2022) Every year 10 April is celebrated as ‘Brother Sister Day’.

Significance and history of ‘Bhavandam Day’

On this special day, brothers and sisters are thanked for being a part of their lives since childhood and making their lives better by their presence. Siblings play a vital role in shaping your life and the person you become when you grow up.


On this day brothers and sisters express their gratitude towards each other by giving gifts, hugging each other, expressing their love, spending the day in each other’s favorite things, sending notes and much more. If you have a good friend who is more like a brother or sister to you than a friend, then you can wish them well on this day.

What is the story behind it?

A woman named Claudia Evert started celebrating this day at a very young age after losing her brother and sister. The first ‘Sibling Day’ was celebrated in 1995. Claudia’s purpose in celebrating this day was to emphasize the importance of siblings in her life and the important role they play in her life. She chose April 10 because it was her sister Lisette’s birthday. In addition, he founded the Sibling Day Foundation (SDF) in the same year. The SDF seeks to reunite siblings separated by circumstances, birth and adoption statements, or mutual family problems.