Paatan : An incident has come to the fore in the rural sect of Sidhpur, Patan where three people raped a girl. In Kakoshi village of Sidhpur, three people who came to feed cattle in the evening molested the girl, but the girl’s brother reached the spot. However, the three attackers also thrashed her brother who had come to rescue the girl. The victim has lodged a police complaint against three ISMOs including Ganpat Thakor. Based on the complaint of the girl, the Kakoshi police have registered a case against three ISMOs and have taken further action.

Kheralu last month Two youths molested a girl who was coming to study in attempted kidnapping. The teenager held her hand in public and tried to kidnap her. The girl’s brother and others reached the spot and both the youths fled. The Kheralu police have started investigation by registering a case against both the youths. Due to Facilian’s studies, the teenager has got into a scuffle with the police system. Anti-social elements have become rampant in Kheralu city.

Shameful act of Sunlight School teacher in Sachin area of ​​Surat The one who was molested by the teacher of the student sitting alone in the class was caught on the CCTV camera. According to the information received, a teacher of Sunlight School in Sachin area of ​​Surat teased a student sitting alone in the class during recess. A teacher named Nilesh Bhallani of Sunlight School in Sachin area of ​​Surat teased a student sitting alone in the class during recess. The entire incident was captured on CCTV. The family woke up after watching the video on the laptop and demanded action.

When the principal of Sunlight School died of corona and his family returned the principal’s laptop to the school management, the principal was stunned after seeing the video in it. Because in the video a teacher was having an affair with a student. However, lustful teacher Nilesh Bhallani denied the allegations. The teacher claimed to have information about the student. At present, the entire matter has been reported to the DEO.