Mumbai: There is a crisis of unseasonal rains in Konkan of the state, on the other hand the temperature is increasing rapidly. An alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department. The temperature in the state is increasing day by day. In such a situation, there is a worrying news.

IMD has warned of heat wave in the state. There is a possibility of heat wave in Vidarbha from today i.e. 12th April. The Meteorological Department has made this prediction. Therefore, the citizens are appealed to be careful.



The temperature is 40 degrees or more at many places in the state. The minimum temperature has increased sharply while the scorching heat continues. I can’t sleep even at night due to being disturbed by Ukra.

The temperature in Washim, Wardha, Chandrapur and Amravati is above 42 degrees. The highest temperature was recorded in Amravati. The Meteorological Department has predicted heat wave conditions for another five days in South Vidarbha.