Morbi: On the basis of specific information, Morbi LCB staff raided Lati Plot Street No. 2 located at Moonnagar Chowk. Duplicate engine oil manufacturing factories of different companies were confiscated from Della and equipment related to making duplicate oil was found there. Police have recovered more than Rs 25 lakh in cash. Police has started red-eye investigation against the factory operators, after which further action will be taken.

According to the information received, two ISMOs met Morbi with fake Remedivar injection during the Corona period. Similarly many offenses have already been registered for making counterfeit goods in Morbi watch as well as in ceramic industry. Seeing this, people do not hesitate to commit a crime in the race to earn quick money in Morbi. At present, on the basis of information received by the LCB employees of Morbi, a scam of making spurious oil has been caught in Lati Plot Street No.

Police raided Dela in Moonnagar Chowk of Dineshbhai Dalwadi, where it was found that spurious oil of different companies was being made. These persons were manufacturing spurious oil including Servo, Castrol, Gulf, Bajaj DTS, Honda 3-Stock. Therefore, the police have seized duplicate stickers of different companies and equipment for making spurious oil and other quantities from the factory making spurious oil.

At present, the police have arrested two people named Mehul Mahendra Thakkar (Rah.Ravapar Road, Morbi) and Arun Ganesh Kundaria (Rah.Morbi) from the spot in a case of Rs. Who has started further inquiry.