Aadhar card is a very important document in today’s world. It is required in every government function. It is also necessary to link the mobile number with the Aadhar card. OTP is sent to your number to confirm any financial transaction. Therefore your mobile number should be registered on the UIDAI website.


You will also be asked for a registered mobile number to install the mAadhaar app. However, if your mobile number (update mobile number in Aadhaar card) has changed, you will not receive OTP for Aadhaar verification. In such a situation, it is necessary that you change your mobile number linked to Aadhaar. You can link your existing mobile number with Aadhaar. The process of linking new mobile number with Aadhaar number is simple.

If your mobile number (how to link your number with aadhar) is blocked, lost or changed and you want to link with any other number, you have to visit the aadhaar registration center and you have to register first.

how to update new phone number in aadhar
1. To do this, first of all visit your personal Aadhaar Enrollment Center.
2. Here you will be given a form to link the phone number.
3. This form is called ‘Aadhaar Correction Form’. Enter your correct information in it.
4. Now submit the filled form to the officer along with the fee of Rs.
5. After this you will be given a slip. This slip will contain the updated request number. With this request number, you can check whether the new phone number is linked with your Aadhaar or not.
6. Your Aadhaar will be linked with the new mobile number in three months. When your Aadhaar is linked with the new mobile number and OTP will come on the same number.
7. Using that OTP you can download your Aadhar card online.
8. You can also check the status of Aadhaar linking new mobile number by calling UIDAI toll free number 1947.