Chandigarh The North Indian state of Punjab is also facing severe heat. Temperatures of 40 or more are being recorded in many districts here. As soon as the heat wave started, for the first time in 12 years, the mercury crossed 43 degrees in early April. This made Muktsar the hottest place in Punjab. The scorching heat in North India broke the 12-year heat record.


What does the Meteorological Department have to say

The India Meteorological Department said that this time due to complete dryness of March, the land was free of moisture and the surface was warming due to strong sunlight. Apart from this, winds are blowing from the north-west due to the formation of an anti-cyclone system in the Arabian Sea. Due to which these hot winds of Arabian Sea are coming from Rajasthan, Haryana towards Punjab, which is causing severe heat. Surprisingly, this time the heat has knocked in Punjab. According to meteorologists, this is because 20 days ago there is a severe heat.


in the first week of this season hot summer

In the first week of April this season, the maximum temperature crossed 40 degree Celsius in all the districts except Amritsar and Gurdaspur. Muktsar was the hottest place in Punjab, recording a minimum temperature of 43.1 degrees Celsius, eight notches above normal. The temperature in other districts of the state is also 7 to 9 degrees above normal. In future also the temperature will remain above 40 degree Celsius. Such days are now being seen in the state since 2010. April 2010 was the hottest month on record.