Suppression: Mobile has become indispensable for today’s young generation. At a time when there is no food and drink, today’s generation cannot function without mobiles, in which the new generation makes friends through new applications without seeing anything and then gets stuck. Cybercrime has become a big curse now. It has become difficult for a young woman to talk to a stranger in the Union Territory of Daman located in the neighboring state of the state. After making an international call and abusing the girl, Isman is eventually chased away by the Daman police from Andhra Pradesh.


Some time ago a girl had lodged a complaint at Nani Daman police station of Daman, Union Territory. This girl has been suffering for a long time. The victim was receiving international calls for a long time and in this call, talking to an ISM on her mobile, this girl is feeling heavy. What initially seemed like a normal WhatsApp call has now become a problem for him. Because the person who was chatting with her on the other side of the mobile often sent her nude pictures and porn videos. He was even forcing her to send such pictures. And if he does not do so, he will be punished severely. Based on the complaint of the girl, the Daman police intensified the investigation. In view of the seriousness of the matter, Daman Police has arrested a youth named Syed Badulla from Cuddapah area of ​​Andhra Pradesh for harassing the girl with the help of cyber expert.


The mentality of this person who seems normal at first glance is very distorted. He was calling Daman’s girl on WhatsApp and demanding pornographic material. This youth named Syed Badullah has been arrested by Daman police. When the Daman police reached the Kadapa area of ​​Andhra Pradesh, the Daman police also faced heavy beatings to nab the accused. However, with the help of the local police, the Daman police was finally able to arrest the accused, Syed Abdullah. The accused is so genuine that he has made various applications to hide his identity.