Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad Cyber ​​Crime has arrested Sagarit, the kingpin of a fake gang on the pretext of returning the life insurance policy. During interrogation of the arrested accused, it was revealed that people of many cities including Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai have become victims of fraud. And now more than 5 crimes have been solved. A total fraud of ` 1.72 crore was involved in this crime.


The name of the accused in police custody is Alok Goyal. The accused Alok is a resident of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh but lives in Delhi and works to cheat many people. The accused obtained details of customers who had disputes with the insurance company. After taking information from the customers, he used to charge Rs. Out of which Rs 91.76 lakh has been seized in 45 bank accounts of a woman from Ahmedabad. The accused was also found using forged letter pads of GICB and NPCI to commit this fraud. Police interrogation of accused Alok revealed that the difference between 4 cases registered in Ahmedabad cyber crime and 5 cases found in Delhi and Mumbai has been resolved. At the same time, the amount of crime is ₹ 1.72 crore.


So that in the interrogation of the accused, the possibility of differentiating the crimes of other states including Gujarat can be expressed. At the same time, other victims are also likely to come under investigation for the bank accounts and other fake mail ids of the accused. Which is being investigated by Cyber ​​Crime. Accused Alok Goyal has more than 45 bank accounts. And no fraud is credited to the account. That’s why cybercrime is investigating all these bank accounts.