face : Through social media in the city, a 16-year-old girl was implicated in the trap of love and the whole matter came to the fore when the girl was suffering from stomach ache. The parents lodged a complaint at Goddara police station and the accused was arrested. The victim and the pregnant teenager could not even sit for the class 12 examination.


A 16-year-old girl from Surat’s Goddara area refused to take the exam after her parents were not feeling well. Where the doctor gave medicine saying that there was less blood. The girl’s health did not change and she was under constant mental stress as her condition deteriorated where her parents took her to the new Civil Hospital in Surat for further treatment. When the doctors were examining the teenager, she was three months pregnant and said that she was pregnant. The parents were shocked.

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(arrested accused)


When asked about the whole matter, he told that a few months ago he had a friendship with a young man through social media. And friendship again turned into a love affair. Where the young man showed sweet dreams to the teenager and committed atrocities against her will by taking her to different places. Due to this the teenager became pregnant. Where the name of the youth turned out to be Shakti Anirudh Yadav. At the same time, when the teenager was living under stress due to the examination, it came to know that the young man had done this act by taking her out on the pretext of refreshing her mind on the pretext of marriage. Where this teenager is 16 years old, she will not feel good and bad and this young man took advantage of her and tortured her by trapping her in love. A case has been registered against the youth under section 376 of POSCO and he has been sent to custody for further investigation.