It was very difficult to drive out Indian students during the Russia-Ukraine war. But PM Narendra Modi spoke to the Presidents of both the countries and found a way to get the students out safely.

Giving information about Operation Ganga in Lok Sabha today, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that students were sitting in a bus at one time in Sumi, when firing started from both sides. After this the PMA took the lead and did everything possible for the safety of the students.


Describing the scary moment, Jaishankar said, ‘
Jaishankar described the horrific moment in the Lok Sabha as the shooting in Kharkiv. Sumi was the scene of a shootout between Ukraine and Russia. PM Modi calls Russian President Vladimir Putin. I was in the room at that time. He raised this issue with Putin to stop the Kharkiv firing. “Our students are at risk,” he said. “Because of that conversation, we got enough time for our students to leave Kharkiv and move to a safer area,” Jaishankar said.

sumi I started firing on the bus. At one time in Sumi, the students also boarded the bus and then the firing started.
So PM Modi talked to both the Presidents. Because both the men were saying that firing is happening from the other side. PM Modi persuaded both the leaders to give us a certain amount of time.


“If you tell your army not to shoot, we will leave,” the PM said. After this both the countries stopped firing. Then they took our help from Ukraine and also took their security. Apart from this, the Red Cross took help. Then he managed to get our students out.

Jaishankar praised the students
Praised the courage of the students in this hour of crisis. “I have no words to describe what the students have gone through,” he said. Most people got off the train. We pressured the Ukrainian government not to stop the trains until the students left. Many of the students who came out worked in the camp and helped the rest of the students.