Amravati (Andhra Pradesh): Several hours of power cut at a government hospital in Narsipatnam in Andhra Pradesh’s Anakapalle district forced doctors to deliver under cell phone lights and candles. The incident took place on Thursday at the NTR Government Hospital, where there was power failure for nearly eight hours.

Power failure in government hospital in Andhra Pradesh

A video of the incident also shows a woman sitting with a newborn child lighting a candle and torch. While power cuts affected several patients in the hospital, other videos showed people fanning babies with their hands. β€œIt is such a big hospital, and it has no facilities. The generator also seems to have gone bad. It’s like hell inside without ventilation and lots of mosquitoes. There are no even minimum facilities,” said a patient’s family member.

On Thursday, power supply was stalled from 9 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 4 pm. Some of the relatives of the patients brought battery operated table fans as there would have been a problem if there was no electricity during the night. The drinking water plant in the hospital is not operational for three days. Patient assistants bring bottled water from homes. When clarification was sought from the hospital in-charge Dr. David Vasant Kumar, he admitted that there was no electricity in the maternity ward, so torches and cell phones were used during the delivery.

Despite this, they managed to complete the delivery as there was nothing else they could do. However, the drinking water plant will be re-established soon,” he said.