Rahul Gandhi has given a big statement after the crushing defeat in the UP elections. He said that the Congress wants to forge an alliance with the BSP before the elections. Mayawati was also offered the post of CM, but she did not respond.

Rahul Gandhi has said that Mayawati did not contest the election this time. He was offered a connection by us. We also said that he could be the chief minister. But he did not respond to our offer. Mayawati now fears ED and CBI, says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul’s disclosure about Mayawati, what does it mean?

Rahul further said that we have a lot of respect for Kashi Ram. He empowered the Dalits. Congress has weakened, but that is not the issue. Dalits need to be empowered. But Mayawati says that she will not fight. The road is completely open, but they don’t want to fight because of CBI, ED, Pegasus. Now after the election results, Rahul Gandhi’s statement has a lot of meaning. The question is if the BSP had forged an alliance with the Congress before the elections, would the situation have changed, would the performance of both the parties have been better?


However, in the Uttar Pradesh elections, both the Congress and the BSP contested alone. Both the parties have been wiped out in this election. On one hand, the Congress has won two seats, while Mayawati’s BSP has won only one of its worst performances.

After the election results, the BSP chief definitely mentioned the Muslims, as well as said that their vote unilaterally went to the SP. But then Mayawati did not talk about this proposal. Now Rahul Gandhi has intensified the discussion in the political streets by raising this issue.

Where has the BSP gone wrong?
Talking about the poor performance of BSP in the UP elections, this time the party has got 10 percent less votes. The vote share of BSP has come down from 22 per cent in 2017 to just 12 per cent. On top of all this, Mayawati’s core water Jats also went with the BJP. In such a situation, neither Muslims got votes, neither Brahmins got nor Jats got support, thus the equations of power changed.