Bhavnagar on 31st March city Near K Shelarshah Chowk Shigarsha Chowk and escaped with serious injuries. After the death of the daughter two days ago, the mother also breathed her last late at night. Therefore this incident has taken the form of double murder. The police have formed different teams and started the exercise to nab the accused. Although so far the accused Police Couldn’t get arrested. Mother and daughter were seriously injured in a firing incident on March 31 in Bhavnagar city of Gujarat.

A case of double murder has come to light in the incident of mother-daughter during treatment at SRT Hospital. The accused of double murder is currently out of police custody. Five days ago, a neighbor named Karim alias Pintu killed the mother and daughter by indiscriminately firing on the mother and daughter in Sawaigar street. However, four teams have been formed by the police and a rapid operation has been started to nab the accused.

Anwar Ali Pyaar Ali Wadhwania, a rickshaw-puller and resident on Swagger Street near Shelarshah Chowk in the city, took up the task of renovating his house. After this the raw material including sand and cement was thrown on the road outside the house. Neighbor Karim alias Pintu Sher Ali Rasani had a heated argument with Anwar’s family over this issue. Anwar’s wife Faridaben and daughter Faryal were also shot dead with three or four rounds of bullets from the pistol they had. Both were taken to Sir T Hospital in critical condition at 108 hrs.

Incidents of criminal activities by ISMO with illegal weapons are increasing in Bhavnagar city and district. The investigation done earlier by the police is no longer done. That makes it difficult to say the number of people with weapons in Bhavnagar city and district where the police have not been particularly successful in speeding up such ISMOs.